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yay for xmas break

ahhhh finals are over thank god, and here's the verdict...
Web Mastering-96 on finals, ??? semester
English-88 on final, 91 semester
chemistry-88 on final, 90 semester
Latin-86 on final, 87 semester
Algebra 2-92 final, 90 semester
W hist-96 final, 93 semester
Volleyball-uhh 100, 100
yay so good things. Today liz chuls and me helped bixby pick out a xmas present for melissa, it's really good i'm excited. yea we wandered around the mall, went to spencer's and saw all the weird sex toys haha, chuls and i tried on corsets in victoria's secret, we felt the urge. then i came home and slept and wrapped presents, then all of fruitbowl got together! yay and bailey, blake, and bixby. We went to Trail of Lights, and then IHOP and now everyone's at kates spending the night but my mom was being a bitch so i wasn't allowed to b/c apparently im "tired", i was not aware of this. o welll happy xmas break!!!!
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